Discover Whether Your Ex Still Loves You By Reading The Signs

Even though the relationship has come to an end, guessing at your ex’s true feelings isn’t an effective way of winning them back. It’s far too easy to read into things and project your hopes or fears onto your ex when the reality could be the opposite. In order to come up with a plan of action, you need to know the truth. Obviously you can’t ask them outright, and they’re not likely to spill the beans.

Discovering the truth isn’t necessarily a cloak and dagger operation. You just need to pay attention to their behavior and look beyond the words that are coming out of their mouth. What they say and what they feel may not be the same. Some of the tell-tale signals may be obvious, while others are more subtle. Knowing the truth is imperative to successfully winning them back without injecting wishes or dreams into the equation.

No one ends a relationship without residual emotions playing a part. It’s impossible to turn off feelings – even if you believe the breakup is for the best. Sometimes these feelings go away naturally over time. Other times they stick around longer than expected. While your ex is still conflicted, you have a golden opportunity to act and bring them to light. If you can reignite the spark of your old relationship while your ex is still dealing with those residual emotions, you have a much better shot of rebuilding your relationship.

Instead of simply waiting for the other shoe to drop or for a miraculous change of heart, get out there and do something about it. Things aren’t going to fix themselves and it’s not going to be a one-step process. It’s going to take some effort and more patience, but you can get your ex back for good.

Don’t Force Their Hand

You may take some things for granted after the breakup. While you were together, you and your ex shared many things. You helped support each other through the tough times and enjoyed the good times together. You probably talked a lot about your hopes and dreams – and even your feelings. But don’t think that you can somehow trick them into divulging the truth about any lingering feelings for you that may still be floating around after they ended the relationship.

You may think that you can talk to them like you always have, but attempting to bridge the communication gap will be a huge mistake. Your ex is not going to be open to any prying into their emotions – especially while they’re still so raw and conflicting. They’re going to try whatever it takes to protect themselves from the pain of ending your relationship and being called out about their true feelings will not have a positive result.

If anything, any attempts to peer into their inner emotional closet will be met with extreme resistance. They may get angry or volatile. Your questions may lead to an additional argument which is the last thing you want. But most likely, any attempts to question them will be met with silence. If you persist, they may pull away for good, and you can kiss your chance at getting them back goodbye. You want to tread lightly – at least for a time. It’s best to let them experience their feelings alone and allow them the chance to miss you. This way, they may approach you and you won’t have to push them into something drastic in the process.

Knowing how they feel is incredibly valuable, which is why they will do anything to keep their true feelings from you. They don’t want to give you the insight needed to possibly allow you the chance to reverse the breakup. Just because they’re acting like a completely different person towards you right now doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. You’ll have to find a way to gain insight that doesn’t involve a direct confrontation.

Plan Your Moves Carefully

Instead of taking the usual approach, be unique. Most people are dying of curiosity about their ex once the relationship ends. They’ll do almost anything to find out what’s going on in their ex’s head – and whether or not they’re having a problem dealing with the loss of the relationship. They turn to friends and family, but not for support.

Most people will try to gain insight into their ex’s thoughts by asking around. They’ll approach mutual friends or acquaintances and start asking questions. The problem is that news travels fast. Your friends may not be as loyal to your side of the story as you’d like to believe. Once your ex realizes that you’ve been asking questions, you’re going to be even worse off than you were before. This only makes you look immature and needy and it’s not going to help you get them back any quicker.

Don’t turn into a Facebook stalker either. It’s easy to become lost in the news feeds and status updates and quickly turn a nagging curiosity into an obsession. You don’t want to be faced with the possibilities even though you are convinced that knowing is better than not knowing. If you try to read hidden meanings into every single communication your ex has with the outside world, you’re only hurting yourself.

Your ex isn’t likely to spill their heart onto their Facebook wall. They’re probably trying to stay strong. They think that if they fake it long enough, they’ll make it. Putting up a brave front to friends and family (at least in public) is a good way for them to accomplish that goal, and they’re certainly not going to allow you to see them in a moment of weakness.

With all these things to avoid altogether, is there a real way to find out what’s happening underneath the surface? Is there still hope or should you cut your losses and find a way to move on?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

While projecting your hopes and dreams onto your ex and acting impulsively is not the wisest course of action, some interpretation is necessary. In order to find out the truth without having to be confrontational, you need to look at a lot more than simply what’s being said. If you take a look at what’s right in front of you, you can get a lot more information than you may think.

Continued Contact

If you were fully preparing yourself for the possibility of receiving the silent treatment, getting a call or text from your ex can be a shock. Instead of jumping up and down in excitement and planning your “let’s get back together” speech too soon, just take a step back. 

Yes, continued contact is a positive sign but it’s not an indication that you’re right around the corner from reconnecting. Your ex is conflicted over the breakup and they’re obviously not willing to simply walk away without looking back. Your choice of action here is vital – if you act impulsively or speak without thinking, you may reinforce their decision to leave and watch them take off for good.

The fact of the matter is simple. If your ex was truly done with you in all senses of the word, they would be done. They’d be gone without a second thought, and you’d never see or hear from them again. Since that’s not what’s happening, you can be sure that they’re thinking about the possibilities and trying to figure out where to go from here.

Just because they’re still in touch doesn’t mean that they’re ready to give the relationship another shot. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume the best case scenario just because it’s what you want. They were clearly dissatisfied with something about the relationship. If you want a chance to get them back, you need to give them the opportunity to work those feelings out.

Your best course of action is to keep your distance and give them some space. Don’t be rude and don’t ignore all of their attempts – but you don’t want to rush to respond the instant they send every message either. Balance it out wisely and let them make their own conclusions. You have a much better shot of achieving your goal if they’re able to come to the decision on their own.

The Friend Zone

If you were the (un)lucky recipient of the “let’s stay friends” speech immediately following the breakup, you are faced with one or two possible motivations behind it.

The downside is if they’re trying to spare your feelings as much as possible. If they’re trying to make the breakup smoother, they may be doing the only thing they can think of to ease the blow. They think that if they offer friendship in place of the relationship, they can bow out gracefully and take the easy way out. You have to be prepared for this reality if you ever get the friends line out of a breakup scenario.

On the other hand, if they’re actively working to establish and maintain a friendship with you even after ending the relationship, you may be in luck. They probably still have a strong emotional attachment to you and they don’t know what to do. They want to make sure that they have you close at hand and you aren’t able to slip away entirely – in case they change their minds.

In order to give yourself the best possibility of getting your ex back romantically, you need to know the best way to handle the friend zone speech. The situation is tenuous at best, and certain things should be avoided – or you could get stuck as friends forever and never have a chance at anything more.

They Keep Talking To Your Friends

If you’ve carefully been avoiding contact with your ex to give them the space that they need, curiosity is going to get the better of them. Curiosity is a natural human instinct, and they will desperately be looking for information on your life. They want to know if the breakup is hitting you hard or if you’ve moved on. If they can’t get the information they’re looking for off of your status messages and you haven’t been in touch, they’ll turn to the next source they believe to be reliable.

If the two of you created relationships together with other people during the course of your relationship or had mutual friends to begin with, they will go to them for information. Maybe they sparked a close friendship with one of your siblings or other family members. These are natural sources of information that are ripe for the picking.

If they’ve been asking about you, you are heading in the right direction. Their curiosity is gnawing at them and it’s becoming harder for them to hide it. You can take it as a positive sign that they may be headed towards reconciliation. Maybe they’re trying to find out if you’ve moved on with someone new. They’re weighing out their chances of getting back together in the only way they know how.

They Talk About Their Single Life – A Lot

If you’ve maintained contact with your ex or reconnected after a period of no-contact, they probably are hesitant about certain subjects. They won’t want to upset you or hurt your feelings by discussing any dating potentials and they know the subject is a sensitive one. They will be very protective over any new interests, and they’ll want to spare your feelings as well.

If your ex starts talking about how dull being single is, they’re looking for affirmation. They want to know that you’re not seeing anyone either. They’re basically letting you know that they’re still on the market. They’re clearly not ready to move on, and they want to know if you’re open to the possibility of a reconnection as much as they might be.

They’re Apologizing For Aspects Of The Break Up

It’s normal to be apologetic when feelings have gotten hurt. Everyone usually is. It’s not pleasant to hurt someone that you care about, even if you think it’s for the best. Most breakup apologies usually happen a long time after the relationship ends, and they’re generally expressed once both people have had significant time to move on and rediscover their own lives.

If your ex is making an effort to apologize for the breakup soon after doing it, they’re probably having second thoughts. The doubt is starting to eat them alive and they want to do whatever they can to try and soften any hurt feelings on your part. They want to start over and try to take back some of the damage they’ve caused. They’re attempting to take responsibility for the hurt they’ve caused, and it’s often a sign that they’re ready to give the relationship another chance.

If they were certain about leaving the relationship behind, they wouldn’t be using this time to apologize and any attempts they make to apologize wouldn’t be heartfelt or sincere. They may offer a general apology prior to running in the opposite direction. The words they use can be a huge indication of what’s going on underneath the surface. A specific apology is a sign of some deep feelings still present and can indicate a quick reconciliation.

They Show Up Unannounced

You’re working on a project at the office late and almost fall out of your chair when you realize that your ex is standing at the door with a smile. They’re the last person you expected to see, and their presence shocks you. You could have bet that they would be keeping their distance, but they seem to be doing the opposite. They probably weren’t prepared for the reality of missing you in their life, and they got much lonelier than they anticipated.

When those feelings start to surface, it’s possible that they’ll do anything possible to catch a glimpse of you. Maybe you’ll notice them showing up at places they know you like to go. They may show up at your office or apartment randomly without warning. They want to catch a glimpse of you, and talking to you on the phone or via text messages just aren’t sufficient. They want to see you in person, and they’re doing it the only way they can.

If you react too positively, you can frighten them away. You need to act with caution. Be polite and welcoming but not overwhelming. Instead of pushing them to stay, keep your conversation short. Let them know that you have a prior engagement or a meeting to go to. If you keep this going, your ex will come back to see you again, and the positive signs can continue.

They’re Asking For Their Belongings

Throughout the course of a normal relationship, it’s normal for both parties to leave certain items at their partner’s house. Most of these items are insignificant – a photo or toothbrush. They may have left a favorite shirt or a workout outfit for afternoon jogging. Most of the times, these items are simply forgotten after a breakup and they’re never thought of again.

If your ex has made contact to ask you for their things, they have just used the biggest excuse possible to reestablish contact. Think about it – these items are unimportant. If they’re that hell-bent on getting an old toothbrush or t-shirt back, they would have taken them when they left.

If the items left behind are significant like important papers or a laptop, your ex may sincerely just want to reclaim their property. If they’re silly items that are easily replaced, it’s likely that they’re looking for any excuse in the book to reestablish contact or see you face to face.

If it’s been a significant amount of time since the breakup happened, then an attempt at reconnection is almost certain. No one is likely to call after several weeks to reclaim some sweat pants. It’s not like they forgot where they were – they had every chance to pick them up earlier. They’re choosing to do it now – and that says a lot about their intent.

What If None Of These Signs Are Apparent?

If you ex hasn’t given you any of these indications it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. It’s normal after a breakup to not hear from your ex for a while. Don’t take it as a bad sign – it doesn’t have to be. Your ex is simply trying to move on by ignoring any feelings they still have. That’s why correct actions are so important if you want to improve your chances. You need to do something, and you need to do it now.

Their feelings are still there, and they’re causing a lot of internal conflict. Don’t let them stay beneath the surface – bring them back to light. If you do it carefully and subtly it won’t even look like you did a thing. The sooner you act, the sooner your ex can start missing you. If they miss you, they’ll be more open to the possibility of reconnecting – sooner rather than later.

Your Next Step – Up The Ante

Bringing those hidden feelings back to light requires some basic understanding of the human brain. Psychology is an important factor when it comes to getting back into your ex’s good graces. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist – just apply some basic principles that are easy to learn and easy to put into action.

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